Business Insurance Types


Liability insurance is a broad term that includes many policies designed to help protect your business from lawsuits. This policy provides you with protection against claims resulting from injuries and damage to other people or their property. The primary benefit of liability insurance is the financial coverage of any legal costs and payouts for which your business may be found to be legally liable.


For unexpected physical damage to a property, you will want proper building insurance. This policy helps protect commercial or personal property and its contents from a variety of potential damages, such as fire or vandalism.

Commercial Auto

Commercial vehicle insurance, or commercial auto insurance, is an important policy to ensure the proper protection of your business’s vehicles. Whether you have utility vehicles, food trucks, or work vans, commercial auto insurance provides coverage to physical damage to the vehicle, bodily injury liability, property damage, and more

Workers’ Compensation

Your employees may be the best but accidents and illness can happen to anyone. Workers’ compensation insurance helps you prepare for a rainy day by providing medical and wage benefits to employees who are injured or become ill at work. The exact details of the mandated coverage differ from state to state.

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Business Insurance Protection Map

Protection against claims from injuries & damage to people or their property. 

Protect commercial property from a variety of potential damages, such as fire or vandalism. 

It's important to ensure the proper protection of your business's vehicles. Commercial auto insurance provides total coverage. 

Prepare for a rainy day by providing medical & wage benefits to employees who becomes injured or ill at work. 

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There is a great irony that comes with choosing an insurance agent. In attempting to protect yourself from risk, you are taking a risk in which agency you choose. Like a soldier standing at the gates, insurance is your last line of defense, should the worst happen. And like those soldiers, if we fail at our job, it’s already too late by the time you find out.

At Looshki Insurance Group, we help mitigate your risk by working directly with you to understand your unique needs. We connect you with a wide range of major providers to find the policy that best meets your needs (and your pocketbook). If you have any issues, we are your primary point of contact, working tirelessly as your advocate to make sure you are taken care of.

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